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Our LGBTQ+ rights

in Louisiana are

under attack!

🌈 Welcome to Rainbow PAC - Fighting for LGBTQIA+ Rights! 🌈

Our LGBTQIA+ rights in Louisiana (and beyond) are under attack. Join us in this NON-VIOLENT grassroots movement to stand against hateful legislation, pushed by local and state politicians, as well as the harmful actions of hate groups targeting our community. Together, we can protect our rights and promote equality.

What is a grassroots movement?

A grassroots movement is a collective action that emerges from the passion and dedication of ordinary people at the local level. We are individuals who have come together to address the specific challenges our community faces. Our strength comes from the bottom up, driven by our shared concerns and desire for positive change. We are not controlled by institutions, political parties, or leaders - we are the driving force behind our movement.

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